Something I didn’t Miss……..


Late afternoon, Allestree, Derbyshire

During the Covid Pandemic and the imposed Restrictions, we all had to forgo a good deal of what we would recognise as a normal daily life.  Some changes  to life were obvious, others were unexpected, some good others not so good.

One change was immediate.  As soon as Lockdown and Travel bans came into force, our skies cleared as if by magic. Clear crystal blue, a blue I had only ever experienced in remote areas…..  the only interruptions would be natures addition of clouds, clouds that looked so much better for the clear background.

Not only that, the air smelt so clear.

Air traffic has increased by small steps, some essential flights but mainly cargo flights that had to continue. There was one short burst of passenger flights last summer when restrictions were prematurely eased. As infection rates once again rose they were quickly suspended.

Over the past few weeks travel has made a small re-start.  But this Monday, to all intents and purposes, restriction to travel virtually world wide were removed.

Monday was yesterday, and yesterday evening we had a blunt reminder of what we had missed.  A sky littered with vapour trails

Since then our skies have been littered with vapour trails. As the clouds had been slow moving those trails slowly rolled together, merged and formed their own cloud layer.

We cannot stop air travel, but in todays environmental climate maybe we should  reflect on the amount and its impact on the globe

The Sky looks dramatic……. but!


Covid is still with us and in todays climate we still need to….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

12th October

(C) David Oakes 2021

2 thoughts on “Something I didn’t Miss……..

  1. I have noticed the same David. (I see the same traffic as you) Yesterday was particularly busy with many high flying plane trails and the sun glinting off the planes. It was lovely to have clear skies during the lockdowns and also the distant silence with no air traffic and no motorway noise.

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  2. So true…. Even though East Midlands Airport Commercial traffic has increased, the flight numbers are still insignificant compared with the national and international passenger flights across our skies. I guess (but I might be wrong) that the next few weeks will see a busier spell as folk play catch up. I can understand the need for families separated by Covid, time and long distance to travel to see loved ones. I don’t understand this obsession so many seem to have that they have to have a holiday abroad. I also feel that we still have a long covid trail ahead which we all need to manage. The Vaccines are hailed a major success for the UK., yet in Europe we are at top of the leader board for infections by a large margin……. we don’t hear Boris bragging about that now do we.


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