A Memory….. of Snow.


10pm on the 24th January 2021. This was the first snow of the year. 24 hours later it was all but gone.

This memory came up on my Facebook reminder. It brought to mind just how ‘rare’ snow falls are now in our part of the UK have become. We moved into this house on the 21st January 1979, the snow that day was very much deeper. It had started to snow the previous 1st December, froze and was regularly topped up just about daily till mid March. The Team from the Removal Company had previously struggled up a snow covered Motorway for over 125 miles, then manfully cleared parts of the Drive and carried everything into our new house very carefully….. they deserved and got a big Tip.

43 years on and we have not seen snow like it since. Each year the snow events have been for fewer days and not as deep, then soon melts away. Even frosts are fewer.

I guess in its own little way it is another marker that the climate has and is changing.

I also find it a strange British phenonium that we have a love affair with snow. We anticipate it with love, a thing of beauty….. fun for the first day (maybe two)…. then we cannot wait for it to go.

Whatever the weather, wherever you are……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

24th January

(C) David Oakes 2022

4 thoughts on “A Memory….. of Snow.

  1. I recognize this feeling! Just like we had over here a couple of weeks ago! But – since then we have had a couple of weeks with no snow and zero-temperatures. That did help quite a bit! It looks like spring might be just around the corner, but then it might not . . .? It is still a bit early to tell!


    1. I think the weather gods have some instore for us next week if they forecast correctly. If it matches the current trend and as it is relatively late in the winter I trust that whatever we get will not last for that long…… I of course will keep you informed 🙂

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