Thoughtful Thursday……. Time Changes Everything


Holme Farm, Calke Estate, Ticknall, Derbyshire

I have always loved this old farm building, aptly named Holme Farm.  More often that not you will find sheep grazing these fields… at the moment they are enjoying a winter rest period. With Lambing time approaching I guess these fields will once again be full to capacity.

Holme Farm is just one farm on the old Calke Abbey Estate. After it ceased to be of major interest as a fully working farm, it had to adapt to various changes.  One time the Head Reserve Manager lived in the farm with his family. For a while, I believe, like many other farm estate buildings, the idea of conversion to a Holiday Let was considered.  Now it is the Base Camp for all the estate and reserve staff and volunteers.

The plus side is that at least the buildings are well maintained, ready to withstand a few more centuries of country life.

In town or out in the country, at home or at work… always

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

27th January

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3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday……. Time Changes Everything

    1. It certainly has seen a great deal in its history. …… but on this estate there are a good many ancient Oak trees, some well over 1000 years old. Some show their age others still show vigorous growth each year. There is a saying that an Oak tree grows for 300 years, lives for 300 years, then takes 300 years to die.


      1. Yes, I now they might exceed a thousand years life span, but estimating weight it would seem that it would one day
        just split along its middle, We do have an 1000-year oak her in Norway as well, and I think I once published a picture of it. (A couple of years back though!)

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