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The Rainbow Arch above the nave of Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, Northumberland

A small part of the dramatic remains of Lindisfarne Priory.  Dating back to 12th century and like many other Religious Establishments was closed by King Henry VIII, in 1537.

This was the second Christian Community to be established at Lindisfarne on Holy Island.  The first community was created by the Irish Monk Aidan in 635, on the instruction of the Northumberland King Oswald.  In 670 St. Cuthbert followed Aidan. and the community grew in size, and religious influence and importance

Lindisfarne is often referred to as one of the first major centres of Christianity in Britain,

Sadly, in 793 an even more violent destruction of this Religious Order occurred. It was subject to one of the very first Viking Raids.  Buildings destroyed, Monks murdered, women raped, in what was recorded as a very brutal and bloody attack.  Vikings continued their war like raids on the Northumberland mainland, whilst the Christain followers retreated to Durham

A very chequered history. Our legacy is the opportunity to explore these iconic ruins, on an isolated Island, linked to the mainland by a tidal effected causeway, to the equally beautiful Northumberland coast.

Sunday, so I hope you can take time to relax before the new week.  But as always…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

11th December

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