Reminiscing….. A little piece of Iceland


August, a few years back and another memory made.  We arrived by rib from Isafjordur, an hours ride over a choppy fjord to Hesteyri. Once the home of a Whaling Station, then for a while it became a Fish processing plant for Herring.  Now this isolated spot is a Nature Reserve. 

It may have been mid-summer, but with low cloud and mist and a rain that was more like a moving blanket of fine water, it was a summers day with a difference.  Still a magical experience.   That said, you could not but reflect on the isolation and hardships that a winter would bring to those who once worked at Hesteyri. No wonder it was abandoned in the 1940’s.

Whilst the ‘moisture’ never really left us on the day, the sun did keep on trying to lift the mood….  whilst still misty, it did occasional break those clouds.  It created yet another magical visual experience of this one-time settlement, at the head of an isolated fjord surrounded by high mountains that still in August retained snows from the past winter.

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We were not alone…. in addition to a Reserve Warden (a summer posting only) there was a handful of visitors enjoy the brief summer in their holiday homes … August, but already planning to leave as summer comes to an early end.  It may only be a short escape from the real world, but I can see and appreciate its attraction.  Just the one day…  but still a day to remember.


It may be August, for some the holiday season is well underway.  No matter if you are travelling, planning a trip or enjoying home……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

2nd August

(C) David Oakes 2022