Fresh Feel in the Woods….


Big Wood, Allestree, Derbyshire

A few weeks since I was up in the woods so it all felt very fresh.  Despite a couple of early morning ground frosts there is little sign that autumn is on the way….in fact quite the opposite.  I have the feeling that recent rain has given everything a new lease on life.  Forward forecast also sounds good with still some unseasonable high temperatures predicted.

 I do wish I could deliver the fragrant smell of the woods, it is a smell I have missed whilst away.  Birds are still vocal and enjoying the abundance of insects and berries.

Autumn will come in its own time till then best to enjoy the bonus of a late summer.

25th September

(C) David Oakes 2018

4 thoughts on “Fresh Feel in the Woods….

  1. First signs on the brachen. Bits of brown colour. This wood looks great. Overhere the oaks drop their acorns when they are still only halfway their growth. Beech do the same. And smaller trees begin to show autumn colours. It’s a great day today. Lots of sunshine, hardly any wind and it’s about 16-17º C. Nice for walking and cycling.

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