It has rained….at last


After the hottest summer on record, with only the very occasional light shower this autumn, at long last we have had some heavy and continuous rain.

Normally we complain about too much of the ‘wet stuff’ but our reservoirs are very very low. So with luck they are starting to refill. 

But they have a long way to go to reach the fill mark, as you can see from the image of Carsington Water, just a week ago today.  Look at the height of the dam wall on the horizon…and those stones in the foreground, they would be well underwater under normal conditions


9th November

(C) David Oakes 2018

10 thoughts on “It has rained….at last

  1. Ah, but what do you consider ‘at moderation’? Only rain at night? 🙂
    Europe has suffered and still is suffering from the drought. Over here we need to refill the water table also called groundwaterlevels. SInce most of this flat Delta country is clay and peat we cannot allow it to dry out. When that happens it will emitt even more Co2.
    We live in former marshland, right between the rivers running from Germany through our country into the North Sea. And our land is sinking. In Dutch I am afraid but it says: sinking where you see ‘daling’. In my area 10-20cm a year.

    So, we were told we be will needing 8 months of rain every day to refill it all to a safe level again.

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