The Curate’s Egg…….


Dark Clouds and Sunshine…

This last weekend has been very much like the Curate’s Egg – mainly bad but good in parts.  Rain for most of the time leaving dark clouds that threatened more rain….. then suddenly the sun would puncture a hole and send a spotlight of light, a light that contrasted against those dark clouds accentuating it brightness.


Lakeside the change from autumnal colours to more sombre winter greys is more noticeable, but autumn is still doing its best to fight on for a short while longer….


This Monday morning it looks as if we are in for a repeat performance.

Rain now giving way to some low winter sunshine … that may or may not last


4th November

(C) David Oakes 2019



3 thoughts on “The Curate’s Egg…….

  1. Such striking colours – I had high hopes of captures autumnal colour in Moray but missed it when I was in Ireland and now the weather is so windy and wet I think I am left with detail and abstract


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