Not a fan of Halloween……


 I am not a fan of Halloween…  most definitely not since the Retail Band Wagon took charge.  OK.  I am an old grumpy, but I can still remember those ‘good old days’ when carving the Pumpkin was the treat….. followed of course by delicious homemade Pumpkin Soup

But I am pleased with the increasingly popular trend of putting the old Pumpkin heads outside for the wild animals. The squirrels, mice and birds in our local woods are in for a real feast… all the more important at this time of the year when they are busy building up their food and fat reserves for the winter.


As the saying goes…. “Waste not Want not”

5th November

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12 thoughts on “Not a fan of Halloween……

  1. Neither am I! This shit is a very little needed ‘American export’, mainly embraced by the many businesses that thrive on crazy kids having their parents buy just about everything in the store! It would have been much much cheaper if they bought their kids a couple of extra chcocolate bars themselves?!
    Besides – it’s kind of dangerous! ‘Treat or tricks’ has given many people a nasty experience like paint, rotten eggs and more, thus some people have long ‘had it’ and DO NOT WANTS TO BE VISITED!
    Now they tell people that don’t want to be visited to turn off their lights outside the door, however, that light is there for a reason. Without light, people might break a leg!

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  2. I also am not a fan of Halloween but I do like the idea of setting out the pumpkins for the wild creatures. We actually grew pumpkins in our garden the last couple of years and the animals do get those ‘treats’ at our house.


  3. Our extended family gets together every year to carve pumpkins. Lots of fun to see how creative every one is!
    We put our pumpkins outside after Halloween is over too, and we only buy candy we really, really like, because we never get any Trick or Treaters (we live in the country…)


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