A waiting game…. of one step forward and two back


The trees are bare and there is snow threatened in the forecast…not to mention that any snow will then be followed by heavy rain and gale force winds – again.

We are fooled into thinking that spring is on the way only to have our hopes dashed.  But wait is that the signs of some leaves on this lone tree…well take a closer look…


Only tiny shoots bursting from the safety of the winters buds…but it is a start.

There are of course the more familiar early risers of Spring…. Daffodils, Winter Heather and the first of the Blossoms.


We do have a weekend visitor in the name of Storm Jorge heading our way, so lets see what he has packed into his suitcase to empty over us.

27th February

(C) David Oakes 2020

14 thoughts on “A waiting game…. of one step forward and two back

    • It is Allestree Hall. A lovely building in a lovely setting of Allestree Park. But it has also been a bone of contention for many of us. The City Council have left the building empty left to decay for over 4 decades. The good news is that a local company have taken a long lease and will start in September the restoration work on this Grade 2 listed building and in (they estimate) 2 years’ time, opening it as a Wedding Venue and Boutique Hotel. So for many of us it is a relief that the Hall is being given a new chance to live.

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    • Maybe…but looking out my window today at very heavy rain again and with a weather forecast of gales and even more rain over the weekend with possibilities of some snow in places…I have to say that today is very un spring like. I will be glad when winter realy is over 🙂

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