Only 11 more weeks… maybe!


The start of week 2 of our lockdown and very much a change in the weather.  Cold, dull and also rain.  So it was great to find just a little piece of Spring colour whilst taking our allowed exercise…..Magnolia are rather beautiful and do vary in their exotic shapes. Sadly the blooms do not last for long with heavy rain turning the whites brown.  But fresh and nice today, something to lift the spirits.

As for Buster he is practicing Social Distancing’ ….. Where is everybody?


Only 11 more weeks to go if it all goes to plan…. When we had our mini heatwave last week and the garden was so welcoming life’s restrictions didn’t seem to bad. However dull wet grey days are going to make it a long 11 weeks

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

30th March

(C) David Oakes 2020

14 thoughts on “Only 11 more weeks… maybe!

  1. The magnolia blossoms are lovely! Here in Northern California too, we’ve had days of rain and much colder weather making things seem more gloomy. But our wild flowers are blooming like crazy and that definitely helps lift the spirits. Buster is a good doggie! Stay safe.

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  2. A good thing that you included that ‘may be’! I think you’d better get used to that the world will change – more or less permanently! Think og everything that will follow behind the corona? Like bankrupcies, jobs gone for ever,
    shops disappearing from your streets, hotels, pubs, tavernas, hairdressers, grocery stores, public transports.
    Yes they might re-appear, but for many it will be over. And the virus won’t die. It will probably be lurking around somewhere waiting on a new chance, Better be ready . . .!

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    1. Yes the world will change….I have the optimisms that may be many of the changes will be for the best. As for shops closing, well that cannot be blamed on CV…here in the UK the high street has bee dying for year, many are just ghost streets. Our services have been underfunded because the accounts wanted to maximise bottom lines….. that lack of investment is now adding to the current hardships. I sincerely hope the politicians will learn that the best way to govern is by collaboration and cooperation rather than the bigoted confrontational approach of the past decades where if one party says its white the other has to say its black. But yes change is here and life will be very different


  3. We have several more weeks to go as well. And like you, our weather is just like yours. Cold, wet, damp, and oh, so dreary. I’m hoping and praying for more sunshine and warmer temps to make this a little bit easier on us all.

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