It is a Scorcher……..


Hottest day this year….. the sun is blisteringly hot, so bright it is opening wide the Tulip heads. Not sure what variety this Tulip is, but is it relatively small and is double headed (two Tulip bub heads on one steam that divides near the top so each has its own stalk)

I guess it is also a sign that spring is moving on at a pace.

The Clematis is now starting to blanket the fence with its mass of dainty flower heads, many more to come, so just so long as we have no bad weather to spoil the show, I think we are in for a treat…


Then it just has to be lunch on the Patio…Cheers


Lockdown has some benefits….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

23rd April

(C) David Oakes 2020


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