Hot, Cold, Colour, a Thief…. and a Surprise


It  has been overall a very hot weekend.

The surprise on Sunday was a sudden change in the weather.  We went to bed having said goodnight to a rich sky after a very, very hot day.  We then woke to an easterly wind and a damp grey mist.  We live in Derby, well away from the coast….so I cannot really describe it as a  “sea fret”….  but that is what it felt like.  A temperature hovering around 15c., it was quite some change.

Normal service resumed after lunch with temperatures reaching  only 26c, so cooler than yesterday.

The morning cool and mist was another reminder that the seasons are moving along towards autumn.  Some plants fading, others producing new growth, but stunted , some berries forming and others just bursting with colour making the most of the warmth and the sunshine….

As for the thief….. this young Blackbird was certainly feasting on our Blackberries..


As for the surprise…..  well the sun brought a surprise visit from Great Granddaughter Margo who remembered to bring her daddy Martin along for company.  A fir cone proved much more interesting than any of our supply of toys..


As evening approaches, the temperature is starting to fall.   A lone vapour trail cuts across a sky, that has been clear blue all afternoon, now starting to show clouds that may be signalling a weather change.


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th August

(C) David Oakes 2020

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