Life is a Beech…….


When the alarm triggered this morning, I took one look out the window. I was greeted by very dark clouds and once again very heavy rain….. and for a moment or two, I thought that the best place would be to go back to bed and pull up the duvet.

Rather glad that I didn’t, for much against the forecast and my expectations, the sun came out and produced a fantastic morning…for November 2nd it was extra special….. so Big Wood here we come.

It was rather magical. Take some golden coloured Beech leaves, add some Sweet Chestnut leaves for good measure, plus a carpet of dry Bracken and you have a fantastic golden autumnal palette.



The morning sunshine vanished…… they say that it will return towards the end of the week. A great start to the new week and the new month.

With a new National Lockdown now confirmed, I do hope that more sunny weather will arrive to help us weather the CV storm.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

2nd November

(C) David Oakes 2020

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    1. Hi Jnana, I did reply yesterday but see this morning that it hasn’t appeared on this page…. so if you get two replies thats why. 🙂 I have several favourite tree species and Beech is one of the top ones for me. Often overlooked for the more colour impact of Maples and Acers. But the Beech has the advantage of lasting longer in autumns colours, it acts like a link between the early changers and those trees like the Oak that are the last to change. Makes autumns run a pleasure before the weather traumas of winter

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