Nearly another Month Gone……


High noon on the 27th February, nearly then end of a month we will be glad to see the back of!   But, with only a little bit of exaggeration, Allestree Lake looks very much like summer ….  apart from the bare trees that is.

The Catkins on the Alder and Hazel Buds are taking on a colour… a small sign that spring is on the way.


As the warm sun dries the grass on the Golf Course (now de-funked) that rich green that the rains had given us have started to fade.

With temperature hovering around 18c, yes a record February high, Tourist have been up early to stake their claim to the best sunbathing spots on the 13th Green….


Old Allestree Hall may be basking in the February sun, looking calm and forlorn, empty windows and down at heal.  In theory it will not be long before restoration and interior reconstruction starts, as it transforms itself into a Wedding Venue.  CV19 has delayed the start, but as I guess it is going to be a time consuming task, a little delay does not matter.


Many of us have felt sad at the decline and neglect of this Listed Building and just hope that at long last dignity to the Hall will be returned.  Just so long as my favourite Silver Birch, that stands on the lawn in front of the Hall, is not harmed during the transformation….


Maybe Spring is on the way.

The end of February approaches but we must still… 

Remember to ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

27th February

(C) David Oakes 2021