From Salt Marsh to Woodland…. not a bad start to August


We had a treat this week.  As we live bang in the middle of England, a visit to the coast is a ‘real’ treat.  We had cause to visit the Lancashire Coast on family business, but that also gave us the opportunity to enjoy one of our favourite walks.  We chose the Salt Marshes alongside the River Wyre estuary. The tide was way out so the estuary did look as if someone had pulled the plug.


These sea washed marshes provide a thriving environment for Samphire and Sea Lavender and of course swaying clumps of varied reeds. 

Even though the tide was out there were still a number of Curlew and Oyster Catchers singing with their evocative call across the marsh…..  most of course were further out at the tides edge seeking their next meal.

Also it is very wise to check the tide tables.  Very soon the waters would creep in and cover the marsh once again, but for a few hours its is always a magical spot and for us better than a sandy beach…


Next day was quite a change of environment.  Back home it was the familiar woodlands.  They may be very familiar but everyday they are different.

We still have more summer to come, so I do hate to say this, but this mornings light had a subtle but none the less very noticeable autumnal tint to the light, true the angle is lower and just that little bit further south than at this time last week…  the warmth is still there and it does bring out the scent from pine and  bracken…


They say “a change is as good as a rest”……  and Salt Marsh to Woodland Glades is a pretty big change.  The distinctive salty ozone air producing a cooling breeze over the marsh – to the woodland aroma trapping in the warm air under the woodland canopy.  

It was a welcome change for all of us, including Buster, he also loves to roam the marsh, but I think he also rather enjoyed relaxing back in his familiar home woodland…  enjoying the dry and warm sunshine whilst he can….


If you are at home, or indeed exploring further afield…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

7th August

(C) David Oakes 2021

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