Lethargic Start……


Mist and Sunshine over Allestree Lake, Derbyshire

I freely admit to a very lethargic start to this Saturday morning……  in mitigation let me say that I was in sympathy with the weather.  It started Grey and misty, misty verging on being called fog.

It was after 11am before the sun came out to play.  Whilst the mist lingered long,  remaining for the morning and most of afternoon.  It did though turn out to be a rather grand day, a day with a distinct autumnal feel.

I did say autumnal feel as visually there are only a few signs of autumn colour. But those early colours say very clearly that autumn is on the way. Another sign that the year is moving along is down by the Lake, the Black Headed Gulls are back for the winter, doing what Black Headed Gulls do best – squabbling amongst themselves…


I admit it, I had a complain to myself about the weather early this morning.  In the end it didn’t turn out that bad a Saturday….. late summer days with the approach of autumn are often full of surprises..


We can do nothing about the weather, we just have to enjoy whatever it is we get presented with….

but we can all….

Try to Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th October

(C) David Oakes 2021

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