November….. A month of Contrasts


Our weather here in our part of the UK has certainly been, lets say, interesting.  October was a month of record rainfall, it also recorded a series of record high temperatures for the month…. and sprinkled it with some lovely sunshine.

Now into November, nearly half way in and the weather still plays tricks.  By now we should be surrounded on all sides by autumn colour….. but not yet this year.

Currently it is a season of contrasts.  Morning mists, cool days, some rain , the occasional gale but mainly sunshine.

The contrasts are very evident in the woods.  The Beech leaves still bright shiny green, yet the woodland floor covered with brown leaves, leaves from both last autumn and a good number of dried leaves that fell in the summer droughts.


Here in  the Derbyshire woods at Calke, a wood of  predominantly Oak and Beech, you could well be fooled into thinking that it was still late summer.  Trees well covered with leaves and for the most part all looking healthy… shrugging their collective branches as if to say autumn…what autumn?

The Deer Park is currently a sunny meeting point. The Deer were also keeping their distance,

If you look closely you can spot a Male Fallow Deer Stag in the near distance.  He is relaxing with a few of his harem around him.  No doubt his seasonal duties completed for another year.  In the distance is a heard of Red Deer Hinds.  They all look calm and the sound of a Red Deer Stag roaring in the far distance is leaving them unmoved.


A strange start to autumn.  One now wonder if we will have a very sudden brief burst of autumn and move straight into winter…. or may be, still celebrating autumn at Christmas.  That may well be doubtful but who knows?

No matter what…. The “Old Man of Calke” who has experienced well over a 1000 winters is also taking a late autumn in his stride.  Branches may be scarce upon his broad well weathered trunk but they still sport many a healthy leaf……  I suspect he will shrug off the coming winter and see in yet another New Year and spring….


I do hope he stays safe …. which reminds me that we all need to….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

9th November

(C) David Oakes 2021

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