Silent Sunday …. So Off to Church


All Saints Church, Youlgreave, Derbyshire

Like so many Derbyshire villages, the Parish Church stands at a 4 ways cross roads, central to the village. Its 96ft tower is a landmark on the horizon for a great many miles. All Saints is a mediaeval Church, and whilst not being mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, it is suspected that this was a religious location for some time before.  Like all Churches of a venerable age it has had renovation and restoration and some small extensions…. but that aside it is pretty much original and worthy of an explore.

Lea Rhododendron Gardens

Apart from the usual Carved Stone Memorial sculptures and plaques, there are an unusual number of other carved figures and ‘items’ adorning the walls.  Two are above.  The one on the left is known as a ‘Piscina’, thought to be a bowl for Holy Water for items to be washed prior to communion.  The figure on the right is of an unknown lady, a ruff or frilled collar and the holding of a staff and pouch suggest that she is a Pilgrim.  Not sure why, but both have been moved to these new locations from elsewhere in the Church

Lea Rhododendron Gardens

The name Youlgreave is derived from ‘Yellow Grove’ and relates to the yellow colour of the ore that was once mined in the area.  I should also mention that the name itself causes some discussion….  many locals refer to it as Youlgrave, even on different maps there is no definitive spelling….  though the OS Maps now seem to agree on Youlgreave.

No matter the name, All Saints IS the name of this Derbyshire  Village Church. Well worth a visit.

Sunday….  Relaxing at home , visiting family or friends, even out exploring…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

20th February

(C) David Oakes 2022

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