A subtle Seasonal Change…..


An evening walk through Heather clad Moors and Birch Woods…


As August moves towards September our weather is improving for the better.  Gone are the heatwaves of high summer, drought conditions are everywhere and the little rain we have enjoyed, has done little to ease that situation.

But yesterday evening, after what had been a couple of damp and grey days, the sun came out, the cloud soon cleared and a near clear blue sky was left.  More importantly the temperature was much more conducive for walking.

So, Stanton Moor, our favourite ‘go to’ walk was the venue. The Stanton Heather was just passing is very best but with the yellow Gorse still made for some great moorland views.   Stanton Moor also has some fine Silver Birch woodlands that in places merge with the Heather.  It is also the home of the megalithic Nine Ladies Stone Circle.  Not the biggest stone circle but the location makes up for any lack of stature.   Join us on an evening walk…

Then as evening headed towards dusk we were treated to a glow on the horizon that was very nearly but not quite a sunset…


As we left the Moor there was a sign reminding us of the Fire dangers…. indeed it seems Stanton Moor had a lucky escape…


The weekend is ahead….  for many in the Uk it is an extra-long weekend.

Relaxing may be on your agenda….  but no matter what…. as always..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

26th August

(C) David Oakes 2022

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