Too Good to Miss…..


After a period of miserable weather, yesterday started bright with a promise of some sunshine in the morning.  The promise was fulfilled, but as it would be a short-lived break, we stayed local.  Despite the fact that is now December, we are enjoying autumns last fling of colour which I guess we have to say is a bonus.


Today, Wednesday was predicted to be even better… sunshine and clear skies all day.  With the advance forecast not sounding good, today was another day not to be missed.

We picked Stanton Moor on the edge of the Peak District as the destination.  


Our first frost of the year lingered all day.  The sun was searingly bright, like a search light.  Long shadows were a vivid contrast to the clear blue sky. The views fabulous, the air fresh and invigorating…. but cold!_DOX0632_00084qqq

Our walk started and finished at the Cork Stone.  Apart from open moorland the route also takes in the Nine Ladies Stone Circle…. for once the Stone were deserted – something they won’t be on the Solstice.  As moorlands go, Stanton also has a good coverage of Silver Birch, bare now but their fronds glowed red with next year’s leaf buds. 

A we headed for home; we could see Fog slowly creeping over the Peak District… they say we can expect thick fog overnight together with a heavy frost…. but the sun still had a little way to drop before disappearing for the day..


A Bonus Day for us…. maybe the last before winter really arrives.

We will see what the weather gods deliver… but for all of us, as always…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

7th December

(C) David Oakes 2022


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