…..and the year moves along


Cyclamen are now flourishing…. so Christmas must be on the way.  A year that has flown into the past, despite the terrible pandemic and the effect on our daily lives.

So a gentle and colourful reminder of what is ahead was welcome.

But not just one reminder today… but two.

As the sun was shining this afternoon, we thought we best tidy up the garden before winter heads our way.  We got a little help from another symbol of Christmas – a Robin came along to supervise.


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

5th November

(C) David Oakes 2020

That Time of Year…..


We have reached that time of year where natural ageing and decay appear all around us in the woods.  Nowhere more noticeable than amongst the Silver Birch.  They are not a long lived trees and this one has all the signs that it is drifting away…the bark is reticulating and the trunk below is soft and rotting.  I am told that Birch Bark, if cut fresh from healthy trees has been used as a substitute for paper…well a writing surface that is.  I am told that done with care it does no harm to a healthy tree.

The year heads towards its end and our garden is now quite bare, all the colours have faded and we await the return of the spring bulbs.  Indoors it is another matter and the Cyclamen we have cared for over the summer are now back in flower….a very welcome burst of colour and the first of much more to come….


20th December

© David Oakes 2013