Sunday….. So Off to Church


All Saints Church, Kedleston. Derbyshire

All Saints Church has a history going back to the 1200’s.  It was the Parsh Church for the Derbyshire village of Kedleston.

But arround the 1750’s everything changed. The village was moved on instructions from the Curzon Family.  The move was to make way for construction of their Grand Hall as a centre piece to the wider estate and pleasure gardens.  You can see the ‘new’ Hall behind All Saints Church in the picture above.

The Church continued to be a place of Family and Estate worship, but eventually was declared ‘redundant’ by the Church Authorities (It is now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust and Kedleston Hall is now a National Trust Property).

The interior of All Saints is worth an explore.  An unchanged environment.  Some wonderful Stained Glass Windows, intriguing archways and quiet corners,  But all dominated by Tombs and Memorials to very long line of members of the Curzon Family… 35 memorials, so quite a Curzon Family Mausoleum.


Was it worth moving a village to build a Baronial Hall.  Well from an architectural point of view I guess so.  Kedleston Hall is certainly palatial.  A columned Centre Piece, with sweeping entrance stairs, flanked by two extensive wings. And that is just the North Front.


The South Front is equally dramatic and imposing.  Similar to the front though a slightly different interpretation….  but still those sweeping entrance stairs, what a welcome for visitors.


A home for centuries of the Curzon’s and now shared by all who enjoy visiting a Stately Home and their Gardens and Estate.


I always ponder on the lives of those villagers, here, and elsewhere, who were compelled to uproot and move as directed…. just wonder how did they fare.

It is Sunday… a new week ahead, full of too many unknowns…. so as always….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

2nd April

(C) David Oakes 2023