Sunday….. and Off to Chapel


Haddon Hall, above the River Wye, Derbyshire

Protected by the walls that surround the 11th century Manor House that is known as Haddon Hall can be found a small and rather special Private Chapel.


Nestling in a corner of the Courtyard can be found the entrance to what is named Saint Nicholas Chapel.

On the face of it the Chapel is small and simple… but on a closer inspection you will find an intimate place of worship.  Constructed of Oak Box Family Pews, and fittings all masterfully crafted.  The whole dominated by a huge stained (or painted) Window.


Perhaps the most interesting historic feature are the Frescoes.  The Chapel was built in1427 and I understand the wall paintings date to just after its construction. Obviously, they show signs of wear but compared with many similar walls these are particularly well preserved…..  I am told that for many years they were hidden under whitewash paint.


Haddon Hall has lived through all the turbulent and often violent events in English History. Throughout all, Haddon has remained remarkably unscathed.  The walls that surround the Hall are “castle like”,  but Haddon was never intended to be a castle…. it is a medieval and later Tudor modified English Manor House.

Haddon Hall has been a family home.  Originally the Vernon Family, now the Manners Family who still live at Haddon.

There is a family story attached to the ownership of the Hall that would not be out of place in a romantic book or even a film.  In 1563, Sir George Vernon arranged a Ball.  During the Ball his daughter Dorothy made a discreet exit, out through the gardens cross the river bridge to meet her beloved John Manners. They romantically rode away to be married.  Sir George had forbidden Dorothy to see Manners…  a secret elopement was their solution.  After the marriage Sir George accepted the situation.  After Sir Georges death the couple inherited the Hall and Estate and ownership changed from Vernon to Manners.  So…. as they say in all the best romantic novels – “Alls well that ends well”.


I should add that the Chapel is the extra treat, as Haddon Hall and its Gardens are a unique piece of English History and a worthy addition on any visit to Derbyshire.


Sunday, I hope you have a day of rest and make ready to tackle a new week…. and as always….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

5th February

(C) David Oakes 2023

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